Black Asus

It’s all about a dream, an idea and a cause. Black Asus is a brand made to serve the art in general. From street art to classic art we want every time to create something unique, something original, something that can inspire even the most uninspired person to create something on his own and express himself like never before. We are a team of creators that came together with one dream, an idea and a cause.

Our dream was to create a brand inspired by the true meaning of art itself-Freedom-and we wanted to spread the message in a world full of borders and restrictions. Through fashion we want to spread the message “Art has no borders” and so should we as humans!

Our only guidance is our imagination in an unlimited world. We create and inspire and even if everything is an illusion, we still exist, because we are not just beings, we are ideas.

Our cause is to provide professional service and high-quality vivid colored designs that are exclusive. We pay attention to detail and believe in the Made to Order mindset. Nothing goes to waste, you order it and we make it.